Patriots of America

c. 15′
Pinebrook Music Company, LLC.

Program Notes / Description

In early January, 2010, I began searching for American, patriotic texts that would work well with chorus. After consulting Joanna Fuchs, I began writing these works based on her poetry. The text is quite lovely and speaks very honestly about our soldiers. My goal was to honor our armed forces of past and present. I found this poetry of Fuchs to be rather honest and inspiring. I did not set out to write a politically affiliated set of choral pieces, rather, pay tribute to our armed forces. I imagine one might see a great deal of patriotic work coming from me in the near future, consider this the first of many. I love America and I am happy to honor those who have and will fight to continue the dream. Please enjoy!

A special thanks to Joanna Fuchs for her permission to use her text. We should all be looking toward the future of this country, and what it would be without those brave souls who have fought, and died for us. Thank you men and women for your sacrifice! This one is for you…