A Mother’s Love

c. 12′
Pinebrook Music Company, LLC.

Program Notes / Description

A Short Ballet. I have always wanted to write a full length ballet. Having not the resources to have a full length ballet performed I wrote a short fifteen minute ballet. This was to show the pain that a mother, or any parent for that matter, endures when faced with the loss of a child. Originally the concept was to title the piece An Everlasting Love, but through the creation process, the choreographer and I agreed that A Mother’s Love was a more suiting title. Within the work there is happiness and joy which turns in to anger and regret which turns into longing when what we once had is no longer there to see, hear, or touch. The ballet has the ability reach anyone who has suffered through the loss of a loved one. It also encourages the idea that memories live on even after those we love have passed.